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I have gathered my research-based teaching ideas into visual and audio Teaching Progressions that show the research-based visual supports that enable children to build math ideas.  I discuss how these ideas develop through the year and through the grades.  I organized these Teaching Progressions by math topic using the topics in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and explain the progression of the standards for each math topic.  I show the teaching approaches I developed in classrooms in the Children’s Math Worlds Research Project and then used in Math Expressions.  These Teaching Progressions can help people using any program understand more deeply how visual supports support math teaching and learning and can enable viewers to see the progressions of math teaching and learning in action.  My development of visual supports was supported by the National Science Foundation and so anyone can use these supports.


You can download the description of all Teaching Progressions available here on this website by clicking here.

Teaching Progressions:

Click on the titles below to scroll automatically to the video playlist.

When the video starts, click on the bottom far right 4-pointed design to have the video appear in the full screen. 

Click on that design again after the video ends to leave the full screen format.

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