I have gathered some of the research that underlies the classroom teaching/learning approaches.  You can sort the table below by math topic, or by type of research publication (shorter or longer) by using the drop-down boxes just above the table.  You can download a pdf file of a publication for your own educational use by clicking on the Click Here in the Download column for that publication within the table.


When a publication is a chapter in a book, you might want to check out the whole book for other useful chapters.  Authors of these publications include members of the Children’s Math Worlds Project team, my PhD students, post-doctoral students, and colleagues at Northwestern University and elsewhere.  Authors who have gone on to faculty positions at a university have emails or that university listed so that you can contact them to follow their other research.

You can download the references for all publications available here on this website by clicking here.

You can search for words within the table by entering words in the Search Here box. Then click the Clear Search button to reset the table.

You can also search for topics and types by using the drop-down boxes. Then click the Reset Table button to reset the table.

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